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Carly's husband Nico Pappas Gerard Monaco appeared for a short stint. Carly made a return on 6 September for two episodes. Her stepfather, Andy Steve North , was also seen in E The Carter family have appeared heavily in the show from , in high-profile storylines including Johnny's homosexuality, the revelation that Shirley is in fact Mick's mother, Linda's rape at the hands of Dean and suffering from bulimia nervosa , Stan's terminal prostate cancer , the domestic violence Tina receives from her partner Tosh, Nancy's epilepsy , Sylvie's Alzheimer's disease , Lee's depression , the revelation that Dean has a daughter, Jade with cystic fibrosis , born after a one-night stand with Shabnam Masood Rakhee Thakrar , and baby Ollie Carter 's accident and potential brain damage.
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EastEnders's Ricky Norwood axed after scandal over naked video of him smoking marijuana

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Louise Mitchell also Fowler is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders , who has been played by four different actors since her on-screen birth on 6 November Keeper's casting was announced on 16 December and she made her first appearance as Louise on 15 January Louise is a member of the Mitchell family and briefly part of the Fowler family. Louise's early storylines include Lisa lying about her paternity; her nearly being killed in a road collision caused by Phil's archenemy Steve Owen Martin Kemp ; subsequently becoming caught up in her parents' relationship; and a feud with Ben that involves him physically torturing her. Since her return in , Louise's storylines have included her blackmailing Abi Branning Lorna Fitzgerald over her fake pregnancy; helping her father cope with the death of his mother Peggy; forming a friendship with Bex Fowler Jasmine Armfield ; being the victim of bullying by Alexandra D'Costa Sydney Craven and Madison Drake Seraphina Beh , in the early midst of which Louise briefly bullied Bex.
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Louise Mitchell

At the age of 27 I am already unbelievably out of touch with what is going on for teenagers who have endless options for communication and social media just sitting in their pocket. The storyline can be used further, to talk about how the adults are out of touch with the younger characters, for example, or the complexity of trust and relationships in your teenage years. For me this is also another perfect example for the argument I have been on a bit of a soap box about for years, particularly when mocked by my educated and frankly snobby housemates about my committed EastEnders viewing.
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The soap actor has been accused of acting inappropriately and asking a random person for intimate images. Dean Gaffney has allegedly been fired from EastEnders after he was "begging a stranger for sexy pictures". The year-old plays Robbie Jackson on the popular BBC soap and returned a couple years ago to our screens, but recent scenes are said to be his final ones on the show as his character headed abroad to look after his son.
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